In The Beginning

An event created by Sir Waldo Weathers and Daniela Merz April 20th 2017. Sir Waldo and his team can create one for you too!

15 years with James Brown, The God Father of Soul. 

 Bio of Artist/Entertainer/Saxophonist

Knighted by the Duke of Rittergut Meinbrexen. Now
Sir. Waldo Weathers of Meinbrexen. Long Live the Duke (May-12-08)
No, Not the Queen, but a Duke has rights also and Germany had Royalty too!

Sir Waldo grew up in Louisville, Kentucky (March 1th,1950) and at 12  years of age, he was called to play with a group in a night club, and moved on with up to named act as a Sax man. He started out with rhythm and blues bands and went on to do Country music (1984) and recorded his own Country CD, And had a hit recording of (She Believes in me) that went to number 6 in the Texas charts and received a letter from the Country Music Hall of fame (Nashville, Tn)  for being the First Black Country sax player in Country music! 


Meet the band, The Masters of Funky music

And to have a great group of musicians that work with me,

God has Blessed me with the Best:

Art Weiss -Drums

Uli Lauterbach - Bass/ Vocals/MD

Billy Allen - Guitar/ Vocals (from Cameo)

Michael Friedinger- Keys 

Lorenzo Thompson  Percussion

Jerrell Fair - Trumpet

Arno Haas - Sax

Moni Ramoni - Saxes/ Vocals

Lorenza Maluku - Lead and Background 

Edward Wade - Lead and Background

Karen D. Savage with 

The Savage Dancers

(Choreographer and teacher for The New York City Dancers) (Stuttgart)

The Funk the fun the party

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Are you ready for a tour of Dance, Funk and Soul? You better come on!  

(Formerly of the James Brown Band) Starting in (1992) Performing sax solos on CD's  (James Brown, Live at the Apollo 1995) (Gonna have a Funky  good time) (Living in America) (Papa's Bag) Also on the DVD (Live at the  House of Blues 2000) And (James Brown on PBS) With James Brown doing  the Waldo Dance.  Now giving the fans a touch of his Sexy Sax and sweet soulful Funk! Now living outside Stuttgart, Germany (as a new home base,) by way of Nashville, TN USA  

 On stage he's the *Da Pope of Funk* when he hit's the stage and starts the groove his band hit's the funk on the one!   

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Personal Manager 

 Daniela Merz  

+4917 271 03505

Sir Waldo Weathers  

Da Pope of Funk

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The Soul of James Brown with Sir Waldo Weathers

Personal Manager
Daniela Merz
4917 271 03505

Sir Waldo Weathers