Sex Machine

Funky good time / James Brown

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I know you got Soul

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Thanking my house band, 

The Alvin Mills project 

Alvin Mills-Bass, and MD

Rainer Scheithauer-Keys,

Arno Haas-Sax,

Stephan Schuchardt -Drums

Jimi Wilkes - Guitar/ Vocals

Marcos González Jimánez - Percussion,

Marquis de Shoelch - Keys 

Moni Ramoni - Saxe 

The Upfunkcoolo horns

Lorenza Maluku - Lead and Background 

Marice Wilkes, Background

Karen D. Savage

Dance Choreographer and teacher for The New York City Dancers (Stuttgart)

Show produced by Sir Waldo Weathers

Get down on it

The Funk is on the one!

Sir Waldo's Moments of Soul

My show for The Kinder Hospiz in Stuttgart, 

With 16 of the New York city dancer's, Dance Choreographer Karen D. Savage. 

The Alvin Mills Project and guest musician's. Upfunkcoolo horns with Moni Ramoni, Marquis de Shoelch, Jimi Wilkes, Marcos J. Gonzalez, Lorenza Maluku, Gerhard Bandel

The Soul of James Brown

Check out this great video

Wishing on a star @ B B Kings

Live in Nashville, TN

Falling in love with Jesus

at Musikalische Andachten Marienkirche Solothurn (Church)